Cakes for Dummies

I love getting referrals from friends. It’s an indication that I must be doing something right! This “Dummies” cake was for a friend of a friend. Last minute order too. Only had 2 days to make it. Usually I would need more time but I don’t know what came over me to take this order but I did.. and I’m so glad I did.

To be completely honest, I didn’t know how this cake would turn out. It seemed in my head to be more complicated but actually it was quite the opposite. Maybe it’s experience from making other cakes that this one seems really easy to do. Mind you, I did spend hours and hours thinking about how I was going to pull it off.

The cake itself is a red velvet. I wish I could cut into this cake and see all the pretty layers. The white letters are molds and I had to hand draw the guy… well trace. The other letters were done by hand. I still have to work on my writing skills.

Once the final product was done I was super excited. This is a cake that I’m very proud of. Probably my best cake to date. Hopefully that doesn’t last too long.

I’m glad my client who ordered this cake really liked it too. That’s all that matters right?

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Watch out for some dragon sweets soon!

Cakes galore!

Having not blogged in… forever I have made many cakes that I did not post. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be able to make different kinds of cake as each one gets better and better.

Back in May, it was my friend Josephine’s birthday. She’s really into designer labels and one of her favourites is Coco Chanel. I thought I would try it out. It turned out pretty well.

Not the perfect circle but close enough.

The cake was a strawberry shortcake. It was quite delicious. This coming from a girl that doesn’t usually eat cake.

In the same month, one of my friend was getting married. With a wedding coming up there’s always a shower and bachelorette to enjoy. I had the pleasure of making both her shower and bachelorette cake.

This was a Red Velvet cake. Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay long enough to have a slice.

This was the bachelorette cake. Very fitting for the occasion. This was a Cookies and Cream cake.

The next cake was ordered for an anniversary. The client was a friend of a friend. I like word of mouth advertising! Truly the best and cheapest way to get business. This was also a Red velvet cake.

This cake is very similar to the previous post with just a splash of green from the leaves.

I like to make different cakes but sometimes you can’t beat the classic look.

I’ve got some interesting cakes coming up so be sure to check back. In a few weeks I’ll be taking a cake designing course. Hoping to hone my skills. I’ll post those cakes up too.

September is going to be a very busy month for Awesome in a Box. And I couldn’t be more blessed. Praise the Lord!


 A couple months ago Awesome In A Box had the pleasure of catering our first bridal shower! It was a sexy lingerie theme party. I had the idea to make it a sexy sweet shop where guest can take home lingerie sugar cookies and summer dresses. But wait! You can’t make it sexy without some yummy macarons and delicious cupcakes!

Chocolate mint macarons

Strawberry, salted caramel, chocolate mint

Strawberry, salted caramel, french toast mini cupcakes

amidst of all the sweets, blooming fruit flowers

All those treats were really nice but I think this bridal cake takes it!

The bride with the bride!

I hope everyone had fun at that shower. The sweet shop was a big hit!

Awesome in a Box will cater to any event! Weddings, bridal showers, birthday, coffee house, corporate, anything! We just booked a bridal shower to cater and a sweet table at a wedding later this year.

Contact us at for more information.

ps: we do savoury food too!

Wow! It’s been so long since I’ve blogged about anything… due to the fact I was busy with baking… and also my laziness! Just wanted to show you want I’ve done since I’ve been gone. I’ll be showcasing custom cake orders and next time I’ll show some of my cupcakes!

One of my friends asked me to make a cake for her parent’s 25th anniversary cake. Since 25 years is the colour silver I added some silver lining to the cake along with handmade flowers.

25th anniversary cake

A client of my wanted to surprise his girlfriend, now fiance, with a birthday cake. Her favourite colour was coral pink. I tried to do something elegant and simple by adding hand rolled pearls for the border and topped with handmade flowers.

2 tier birthday cake

This next cake was quiet fun to make. A really good friend of mine, his father was turning 50 years old. I wanted to make him something special and something I have yet to do… so I made him a house! I thought it was fitting as he is a realtor. And the fondant man TOTALLY looks like him too! It’s soooo uncanny!

50th birthday cake

Another client of mine requested a custom cake that resembled headphones and a mic. I tried my best. It’s ok… not my proudest work but it came out well.

Saving the best for last! This has to be my most accomplished work thus far. I am quite proud of myself actually. A client requested a custom cake order for her fiance’s birthday and his favourite football team was the New England Patriots. When I got the request I wanted to say no because it seemed like such a hard project to work on for a girl who just started! But I said I would do it and I immediately freaked out! How am I suppose to make a cake that’s a helmet! This is crazy! I am in way over my head. But since I took the project I had to make it… and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. It turned out wonderful! The most tricky part was the red frames. My gumpastes would break every time I touched it so I had to stick wires in to support it. The Patriot logo I had painted myself with edible fondant and colouring. I hand carved the helmet as well. The nerve wrecking part was the delivery, whether or not she was like the cake! When she saw it she loved it!

I am currently taking reservations for weddings right now!

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Hopefully my next post won’t be too far behind!

Have an AWESOME day!


Halloween is just around the corner!

Halloween is my favourite holiday… ok it’s not a “holiday” per-say but it’s one that people love to celebrate! It’s also my birthday which is why it’s best holiday ever!

It’s been a couple years since I last dressed up for Halloween and there’s a perfectly good reason for that. For my 23rd birthday I had a Halloween birthday party and I had the best costume of all time! Well.. that’s what people tell me, so I’ll go with that. I dressed as…

Single Lady, Beyonce! That was as dark as I could make myself. At the end I think I look more like Snooki than Beyonce. Hahah. Ever since then I could not think of a better costume that would out do this one. So I haven’t dressed up. But I have a halloween party to go to this year so I think I need to find a great costume.

Ok! I had enough embarrassing myself on the internet. On to what is actually important! Halloween cookies!

This is my first time doing Halloween theme sugar cookies and I think they came out great. These cookies are great for parties and gift ideas and I’m sure the kids would love to get these cookies in there candy bags!

These cookies are now available to order. Orders must be placed at least 5 days from when you need them. They can also be individually packaged. Email for more information.


Happy Halloween!

When my friend Jenn asked me to make her wedding cake I was so excited and scared. This is the first time I’m making a cake for a wedding! And it’s one of the most important decor piece at a wedding reception. I felt the pressure. Luckily my first wedding cake wasn’t very elaborate or had many tiers. Also Jenn wasn’t very particular in the design of the cake so I had the creative freedom.

This being my first wedding cake I think I did pretty good. I was so proud of myself because it actually looked like a wedding cake! I took inspiration from the cake I made for Jenn’s bridal shower. I did a cherry blossom tree cake so I wanted to incorporate that into her wedding cake. I made white and orange cherry blossoms that would gentle flow down the top tier. I made gumpaste roses because a wedding is not a wedding without roses (although I didn’t have any roses a my wedding)!

The rest of the tiers were chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Jenn chose those specific flavours because it represented the nationality of Jenn, Italian, and Addison, Flipino (although he likes to think he’s Black). I made fondant flower toppers and their initials to complete the look of the cupcakes.

I just wanted to thank Jenn and Addison for giving me the opportunity to make their wedding cake and to showcase my skills.

Congratulations on your new marriage!

Cookie Monster cupcake

I wanted to try a character cupcake and the Cookie Monster was so easy! Much easier than I expected. Here it is!

It’s available this week at Paintlounge.

French Toast Cupcakes

This cupcake is so good! It was just the right consistency of everything. The cupcake was nice, moist, and fluffy. The buttercream was creamy. It tasted like breakfast! The only thing missing was the bacon.

This was the first time I made this cupcake and it turned out AWESOME! It really tastes like a french toast. It literally tastes like the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal but without the crunch. Instead of adding vanilla extract to the buttercream I opted for maple syrup. I sprinkled cinnamon sugar to finish it off. Maybe next time I’ll try the bacon topper!

If you want to get your hands on these delicious cupcakes they are available this week at Paintlounge, or you can order a dozen from Awesome In A Box!

Oreo Brownie Cupcake!

The night before leaving for Las Vegas for my sister’s bachelorette, I had to bake for a shipment to send to Paintlounge the next day. Since partnering with Paintlounge I only made chocolate cupcakes but I wanted to try something different this time. I knew it had to be something chocolate so I was thinking about some chewy fudgy brownies. I don’t like chocolate but I’ll eat a piece of brownie if it’s nice and chewy… same goes for cookies.

I didn’t want to make it a generic brownie so I dunked a whole Oreo cookie in the middle of the brownie and topped it off with whipped ganache frosting. I should have used milk chocolate or sweetened chocolate for the ganache but I ended up using unsweetened which went well with the brownie as it offset-ed the sweetness of the brownie.

And like always, I have my husband try everything I make. Seems like he likes it! Success!

For someone who doesn’t eat chocolate, this was pretty good.

AWESOME gift ideas!


A client recently asked me to make personalized cookies for his daughter’s birthday. These cookies make great gifts for loot bags and makes everyone feel special when they have their names on it.